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From Low Income to Self Sufficiency

Exploring Ways to Alleviate Poverty in San Diego County

“There are three forms of change: projects (service delivery); policy (advocacy); and power  (community organizing). Project demonstrates what is possible; policy makes the possible standard operating procedure; and it is power that makes policy possible.”
-Dr. Manuel Pastor, from his book This Could Be the Start of Something Big

Three in 10 working-age San Diego County households – nearly 230,000 – don’t earn enough income to afford the basic costs of living here, such as housing, food, transportation and healthcare costs. Despite living below the economic self sufficiency standard, the majority of these households do not qualify for state and federal assistance programs.

The implications of living in relative poverty are many, and these individuals represent a significant cross section of San Diego residents – cutting across ethnicity, age, education and gender lines. In fact, many of the community needs addressed by grantmaker funding can be traced back to a poverty-related cause.

This half-day program brought together grantmakers, invited nonprofit and government leaders to explore how public policies, anti-poverty programs, and community empowerment efforts can combine to move low income residents into self sufficiency.

Several nationally recognized speakers provided powerful information and inspiration for facilitated table discussions in the morning and over a working lunch.

This event was co-sponsored by San Diego Grantmakers, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, United Way of San Diego County, San Diego Workforce Partnership, and the New America Foundation.


Keynote Speaker
Ralph Smith, Executive Vice President, The Annie E. Casey Foundation and former Board Chair, The Council on Foundations. Mr. Smith will present the program’s opening plenary, drawing from his experience in helping to design the Foundation’s comprehensive effort to help communities improve outcomes for children by strengthening families and neighborhoods.

Juanita Gallion, Senior Associate, Center for Study of Social Policy (CSSP). Ms. Gallion coordinates CSSP’s neighborhood investment work to help assure low-income families have the tools, support and opportunities to achieve economic success.  She will be facilitating the program sessions on Project, Policy and Power.

Carla Javits, President, REDF (The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund). Under her leadership, REDF helps to create and grow “double bottom line” enterprises that earn income while employing people with high barriers.

Olivia Calderon, California Legislative Director, New America Foundation. She helps California lawmakers hammer out laws to improve the welfare of California residents.

Shane Goldsmith, Director of Programs at the Liberty Hill Foundation. Since joining Liberty Hill in 2009, Ms. Goldsmith has focused on expanding Liberty Hill's impact by strengthening the Foundation's investment in community leaders on the frontlines of change.


Event Time and Location

Friday, June 3, 2011 - 8:00am - 1:30pm
Joe & Vi Jacobs Center
404 Euclid Ave.
San Diego, CA 92114