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A Federal Reserve for the 21st Century

Employment, Consumer Protection, and the Future of Financial Regulation

Day Two of a Two-Day Program

Despite recent job growth numbers, uncertainty continues to pervade the economy. This will challenge the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to manage a complex balance sheet. Further complicating the landscape is the subsequent role of a new Financial Stability Oversight Board and the work-in-progress of implementing Dodd-Frank financial reform. Much responsibility for overseeing the functioning of a dynamic, stable, and sustainable economy will remain with the Federal Reserve. Many questions persist as to whether the Fed is up for the task and what that task should be in the years to come. How should the institution be reformed in the wake of the Great Recession to prevent the next crisis from occurring? Can it manage its dual objectives of full employment and inflation fighting? Can it normalize its balance sheet post-crisis?

We invite you to the second day of this unique two-day, two-city event on the future of the Federal Reserve, held in the country's financial and political capitals.

Highlights from the first day of this event, from April 27th, are available at http://www.rooseveltinstitute.org/future-federal-reserve

Sponsored by the Roosevelt Institute and the New America Foundation.


9:00am to 9:10am - Welcome and Introduction

Mike Konczal
Roosevelt Institute

9:10am to 10:10am - Panel One: Restoring Growth and Full Employment

Joe Gagnon
Peterson Institute for International Economics

Dean Baker
Center for Economic and Policy Research

Tim Canova
Chapman University

Michael Lind
New America Foundation

10:10am to 11:10am - Panel Two: Ensuring Consumer Protection

Travis Plunkett
Consumer Federation of America

Lisa Donner
Americans for Financial Reform

Ed Mierzwinski

Reid Cramer
New America Foundation

11:10am to 12:10pm - Panel Three: The Future of Federal Reserve

Dennis Kelleher
Better Markets

Jo Ann Barefoot
Former Deputy Comptroller of the Currency, Co-Chair Treliant Risk Advisors

Josh Bivens
Economic Policy Institute

Mike Konczal
Roosevelt Institute

Event Time and Location

Monday, May 9, 2011 - 9:00am - 12:15pm
New America Foundation
1899 L Street NW Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

Event Photos

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