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Open Data: Philanthropy’s Future Fuel For Change

Have you used your cell phone to check when the next bus is coming? Searched for info on pending legislation? Looked to see where you can recycle old house paint? If you have, chances are that the answers you found were powered by open data from your city, state, or the federal government.

What if you could also find information that would help you choose an afterschool program for your kids? Or if you could know which community clinic just got a whole new technology system to manage health records? Imagine if the board of a family foundation could alert their nonprofit partners to new funding initiatives from national funders, or vice versa?

Imagine if communities, donors, journalists, and funders had easy access to grants information from foundations. What new insights could we gather about needs and opportunities in our communities? How might foundations and individual donors work together, or foundations and public funders? What untold stories about local heroes might the media tell?

At this May 10 "Datajam," developers, open-data advocates and experts from throughout the philanthropy community gathered for two hours of rapid-fire brainstorming, networking, and idea-sharing on philanthropic data as the fuel for the future. A blog bost by organizer Lucy Bernholz recaps the event.

Read the "modest manifesto" that started it all: http://philanthropy.blogspot.com/2010/03/open-philanthropy-modest-manifesto.html

This DataJam was hosted by Lucy Bernholz, Blueprint Research & Design; the HAND Foundation; the New America Foundation; and the Sunlight Foundation.


Welcome and Purpose (12:30 – 12:40)
Lucy Bernholz (blueprintrd.com, philanthropy2173.com)

Sunlight Foundation Apps for America/Design for America (12:40 – 12:45)
Clay Johnson (sunlightfoundation.org)

Rapid rounds: The Data We Have   (12:45 – 1:00)
Gavin Clabaugh, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (mott.org)
Brad Smith, The Foundation Center (foundationcenter.org)
Aleem Walji, The World Bank (data.worldbank.org)
Jessica Sloan, AIDDATA (aiddata.org)
Owen Barder, International Aid Transparency (aidtransparency.net)
Dennis Whittle, GlobalGiving (globalgiving.org) 

Tools We Can Use  (1:00 – 1:05)
Lucy Bernholz 

Peer-to-Patent and Government Data  (1:05 – 1:15)
Beth Noveck via Skype (whitehouse.gov/open)

Your Turn: What Will you Build? (1:15 – 1:35)
Small groups – rapid prototype/brainstorm – problem solving 

Ideashare (1:35 – 1:55)  

Close/Next Steps  (1:55 – 2:00)

Event Time and Location

Monday, May 10, 2010 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm
New America Foundation
1899 L Street NW Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

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