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American Foreign Policy after Bush

What will American foreign policy be like after George W. Bush leaves office? Drawing on a recent article in the November issue of Prospect as well as his other writing, Michael Lind, Whitehead Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, made a range of bold predictions about Iraq, the world and America in the next few years and beyond at this New America event.

Michael Lind has been described by Rolling Stone magazine as “that rarest of figures, an intellectual with name recognition.” Lind’s controversial and widely discussed new book The American Way of Strategy: U.S. Foreign Policy and The American Way of Life argues that the U.S. should abandon the neoconservative fantasy of unilateral American world domination and pursue instead a liberal international system policed by a U.S.-led concert of great powers. The American Way of Strategy is described by James Mann in The Washington Post Book World as “an early and thoughtful attempt to sketch a post-Iraq foreign policy” and “a fresh perspective on a wide range of issues, from regime change to globalization.” In a full-page review in The New York Times Book Review, former Times managing editor Max Frankel praises The American Way of Strategy, writing that Lind’s “glance back at our performance over the last 15 years is helpfully damning.”

Video of the event, which includes Lind's presentation and the subsequent Q&A moderated by Steven Clemons, is available at right. An MP3 audio recording can be downloaded below.


New America Foundation
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  • Michael Lind
    Whitehead Senior Fellow
    New America Foundation
  • Steven Clemons
    Senior Fellow and Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation
    Publisher, www.TheWashingtonNote.com

Event Time and Location

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 - 12:15pm - 1:45pm