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Dear President-elect Obama: Listen to Your Adviser's Mom

There's been a lot of speculation in the past few days--and is sure to be more coming--about whose counsel President-elect Barack Obama is going to be heeding when it comes to education issues. We don't claim to have the inside track on who's likely to be tapped for key positions in the administration, but there is one connection from his Chicago days who we hope the next president listens to when it comes to early education.

It's Obama

Last night Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama won the presidential election to become 44th president of the United States. During the campaign, Obama made early education a cornerstone of his education policy agenda, and even highlighted early education as an important investment in our country's economic future. Let's take a closer look at the early education proposals Obama put forward during the campaign.

Obama has proposed $10 billion in new federal spending to support a comprehensive "Zero to Five" early education plan, which would include support for pregnant women and families with young children, quality improvements in child care for infants and toddlers, support for states to expand high-quality pre-k, and other services for children from birth through age five. The centerpiece of this agenda would be a new program of Early Learning Challenge Grants, modeled off of the of the Illinois Early Learning Council, which Obama helped create as a state legislator.

ASP In the News | August 11-18

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LIVE TODAY: Susan RICE and Karen KORNBLUH to Discuss the Democratic Platform

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Scripting America's Priorities:

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featured speakers

Susan Rice
Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Barack Obama
Senior Fellow (on leave), Brookings Institution
Former Asst. Secretary of State

Karen Kornbluh
Principal Author, Democratic Party Platform
Policy Director (on leave), Office of Sen. Barack Obama


Steve Coll
President & CEO
New America Foundation

Maya MacGuineas
President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Director, Fiscal Policy Program, New America Foundation


Steve Clemons
Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation

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US Weekly -- United States Weekly?

Never in a million years did I think I would be writing my blog about Paris Hilton.  Not because I don't like pop culture-I love it, and am not ashamed to admit I own a Britney Spears cd (or four).  But after McCain's attacks against Obama, calling him a "celebrity" and flashing pictures of Paris and Britney, Paris was savvy enough to shoot a message back to McCain.  What was really interesting to me is that in her message, which can be watched here, she delivered her own energy plan.

Yes, that's right, even Paris Hilton realizes that our planet is in trouble, and that if we don't do something today, her popular catchphrase, "That's hot," will not be used to describe a fantastic new handbag but our planet in general. 

Part of me is ecstatic because energy and environmental issues are finally becoming a major issue for this year's election, but the other part is disappointed that what is making the headlines is the drama: the attacks the two candidates are expending on each other rather than the details of their energy plans.  In fact, when reading the news, I find myself confused -am I reading a story reporting about our presidential election, or am I reading a story in Us Weekly?

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