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Live Web Chat: Lisa Margonelli on Climate Legislation

Has the momentum shifted on climate change? Lisa Margonelli, author of Oil on the Brain and director of New America's Energy Policy Initiative, argues that last week may have been the turning point. And a recent Politico article notes that big business is now pushing the Senate and White House to act.

Margonelli will be taking questions on the current state of the energy and climate debate in this week's New America/Politico Live Chat. This real-time, text-based online discussion will kick off at Noon ET / 9am PT on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

You may submit questions in advance via the comments form below -- or just return to this page at Noon ET / 9am PT on Tuesday to join in the conversation.

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US Chamber of Commerce

How long do you think it will be before the US Chamber of Commerce changes its stance on the scientific validity of the global warming threat? With Apple's recent resignation of its membership together with similar action from other notable companies, surely the writing is on the wall for the Association to accept realism if it is to retain credibility with its lobbying?

Impact of State and Regional Climate Change Agreements

What do you think will be the impact in Copenhagen of the agreements between subnational governments, such as Western states, Canadian governments, and states in Indonesia and Brazil, over emissions curbs, such as those inked last week at Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's climate change summit in Los Angeles?

Cap and Trade and Financial Engineering

How can Congress structure a climate bill so that carbon trading doesn't become the next breeding grounds for the country's illustrious financial engineers to once again devastate our economy?

Overcoming Divisive Partisan-ism

Recent corporate 'defects' from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are not as much of a 'turning point' of big business pushing the White House and Congress to act on Climate legislation, as it is more divisive partisan politics at work.
Such antics in Washington and corporate arena are only problematic in any sincere attempt to craft sound domestic climate policy that, in-turn, must also be in alignment with and serve to drive in a leadership capacity the new global climate pact.

How do we best 'bridge the divide', overcome political grandstanding, and nurture bipartisan collaboration towards securing America's geo-strategic leadership position on Climate Policy?

Speaking from the heartland

Speaking from the heartland here in MO, we have cheap (relatively) electricity and our base activity is agriculture. And we had one of the coolest summers in a long time. The average "joe" on the street doesn't believe in or care about climate change.