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So What Exactly Is "PreK-3rd"?

Here at Early Ed Watch, we spend a lot of digital ink writing about "PreK-3rd alignment." But what exactly are we talking about? I explain in this short video (7 mins) with help from Dr. Jerry Weast, Superintendent of Montgomery County Schools in Maryland, which is home to one of the country's most successful PreK-3rd reform efforts.


Want to learn more? Video of my full conversation (30 min) with Dr. Weast is available here.
Also check out info here from the Foundation for Childhood Development and today's post about using stimulus dollars to support PreK-3rd.


PreK Curriculum Standards for an Online Curriculum

Christina. That's a great video. I've put it up on my blog.

I'm currently working on a curriculum definition for some online PreK materials. My target is to provide learning materials that are useful as soon as the kids can hold a mouse but which map in properly before the existing kindergarten materials.

I'm pleased to hear that new PreK standards are being published as part of the CCSSO and Administration efforts and that they might actually include science too!

I'm particularly thrilled to see that people are taking a systematic level view of educating kids to get them college- and career-ready.