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Camp 'No on 8'

The Courage Campaign, a progressive web site and organization in California, is inviting supporters of same-sex marriage to attend the first "Camp Courage" in Los Angeles later this month. What kind of camp is this? It's a camp for training people to organize to repeal Prop 8 and secure marriage equality for gay couples. It may sound a bit strange, but it's exactly the sort of planning and organizing that same-sex marriage supporters need to be doing. The camp concept appears to be modeled on the so-called "Camp Obamas," the weekend training sessions that the Obama conducted to turn volunteers into organizers.

Re: Camp 'No on 8'

I dont think people will give up their devotion and faith as easy as the Courage Campaign wants. I believe this was a close as they will get for a while on Gay Marriage. An extreme amount of young people voted this year. In 2010 there will be much less younger people voting.  People of faith will only have their resolve strengthened after being called bigots and haters.